An Etherly Service

About Ethersphere LC


E T H E R    S P H E R E
Back in the day when there were still some interesting domains names to be discovered and registered, this was the name we settled to build on. Try coming up with a cool domain name nowendays that isn't already taken! EtherSphere came to mind as a play on the word ethernet and sphere. One word coming from a tech origin, the other bringing about the feeling of community and solidity. Recently ethersphere is being used to label the world of networking technology and the internet itself. "Who know's what lurks in the ethersphere." Another possible meaning could be 'celestial' or 'heavenly' for ether, and again 'circle' or 'community' from sphere. Both possible meanings sound good to us! Ethersphere.

Construction Maintenance and Technology?

We provide services based on our expertise. Among our qualifications are 50+ years in the 'home improvement' trade, and degrees in Computer Science and Civil Engineering. That's not what defines us though. We like to let our work and our happy customers do the talking; that's our guarantee that you'll be satisfied and mabye even enlightened by 'an etherly service.'